[buug] Adding a SATA HD to FreeBSD

Al Plant webmaster at hawaiidakine.com
Sun Dec 11 11:28:50 PST 2005

Has anybody installed a SATA drive on FreeBSD for a webserver ?

I have the drive, but it does not come with a flat cable to attach to 
the Motherboard. There is a serial cable for power, but neither of the 
Motherboards have that facility. I see you can use a 4 pin power though 

The drive  is a Maxtor 200 GB Sata Ultra series 7200 RPM Serial ATA/150.
I know a PCI card is required from Promise, but I an not positive which 
one.  I am not familiar with this type of setup and the How To's that 
come with the drive  are not clear about the hookup.

Any help is appreciated.

Al Plant

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