[buug] FreeBSD 6 on IBM Thinkpad 240x

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Apr 26 22:47:13 PDT 2006

Quoting Gabriel Gabriel (mcsx3 at yahoo.com):

[FreeBSD 6, ThinkPad 240x, X.org configuration.]

> I think I should've said besides the above: "If I
> enter frequency ranges e.g. 48-75 under the "Monitor"
> section, and after having saved the xorg.conf.new file
> issue the command: X -config xorg.conf.new, the screen
> goes blank for a split second and then I get a set of
> vertical RGB lines also for a split second, and then
> the screen goes blank (black in this case) and the
> computer does nothing (I've waited up to half an hour
> without touching the machine and nothing happens), and
> when I type ctl+alt+bckspace (which as far as I know
> gets you out of X) nothing happens.

So, it turns out that the Silicon Motion LynxEM+ video chipset used in
the ThinkPad 240x has been fully supported since XFree86 4.0.2.  The
X.org X11 server you're using is a project forked off from XFree86 
(long story).  With reasonable luck, given that FreeBSD 6 is pretty
darned current, your version of X.org has all the advantages of that
code and more.

The ever-useful Linux on Laptops Web site (http://www.linux-laptop.net/)
has a number of links to pages about *ix setup on the 240x.  (Well,
Linux ;-> , but the X setup issues are exactly the same, because the X11 
software itself is the same.)  Here's one, in particular:

You'll notice that the page includes a link to that user's XF96Config
file, which is the configuration file for XFree86:  Because of the, er,
family relationship between the software projects, X.org uses the exact 
same configuration file format, except calling it xorg.conf, instead.

There might be some reason why you can't directly substitute that file, 
that isn't occurring to me at the moment.  However, at bare minimum, you
can diff them, spot the differences, and try to figure out which are
significant and why.

If _that_ doesn't work, you're more than welcome to bring your laptop to
one of the Linux user group installfests in the San Francisco Bay Area.
We're always perfectly happy to help *BSD people -- and, hey, the X
configuration issues really _are_ exactly the same.  ;->

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