[buug] FreeBSD 6 on IBM Thinkpad 240x

Gabriel Gabriel mcsx3 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 26 19:49:31 PDT 2006

Hi!  I posted the following message earlier:

Hi!  I just installed FreeBSD 6 onto my Thinkpad 240x.
 Everything seems to work just fine but, I can't get X
to run.  Apparently it is the vert and horz refresh
rates.  I can't find the right ones.  I don't have the
specs that   
might have come with the computer. If I enter
frequency ranges under the "Monitor section" for the
horizontal and vertical parameters, the system hangs
(black lcd screen) and Ctl+Alt+Backspace doesn't work
-only Ctl+Alt+Del, which reboots the system.  
If I enter single numbers for Horz & Vert the system
doesn't hang but I get: "(EE) Silicon Motion valid
modes found", "(EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a
usable configuration" and two lines down:"Fatal server
error:" "no screens found"
I got 192MB RAM and 60Gib HD and 455 Celeron.
I appreciate beforehand all help.  This is my 3rd
attempt to getting away from Windows.

Thanks!  Anna.

I think I should've said besides the above: "If I
enter frequency ranges e.g. 48-75 under the "Monitor"
section, and after having saved the xorg.conf.new file
issue the command: X -config xorg.conf.new, the screen
goes blank for a split second and then I get a set of
vertical RGB lines also for a split second, and then
the screen goes blank (black in this case) and the
computer does nothing (I've waited up to half an hour
without touching the machine and nothing happens), and
when I type ctl+alt+bckspace (which as far as I know
gets you out of X) nothing happens.  At this point the
only thing that works is ctl+alt+del, which reboots
the system.  I tried the recommended fequencies:

        HorizSync    48.0 - 65.0
        VertRefresh  60.0 - 75.0

for the ThinkPad (T42p) and don't work -I get the same
symptoms as above.

as before I appreciate all help and say thanks.

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