[buug] Yet *more* books for BUUG!; etc.

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Aug 16 03:22:43 PDT 2007

More books were delivered apparently yesterday, to me for BUUG.

I might not schlep *all* of them to today's BUUG meeting, but in addition
to the book I mentioned earlier, I'll bring at least two of these
additional books to today's BUUG meeting, and any remainder hopefully to
the 2007-09-06 BUUG meeting.  I've also got some fresh LINUX and other
magazines from LinuxWorld for BUUG* - I'll bring at least some of those
to today's BUUG* meeting, and any remainder hopefully to the 2007-09-06
BUUG* meeting.  Anyway, here's the list of additional books that arrived:
ISBN-13       ISBN-10        Title
9780132338691 0-13-233869-6 The Official Damn Small Linux Book
9780132242066 0-13-224206-0 Enterprise AJAX
9780321480798 0-321-48079-1 RailSpace
9780132354134 0-13-235413-6 The Official ubuntu Book
9780132350082 0-13-235008-4 Ajax Construction Kit

I've also got some SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 DVDs (based on packaging
I'd guess that they were at least originally published to go with
LINUX Magazine Isssue 82 Sep 2007).  I'll bring at least some of those
to today's BUUG* meeting too (and perhaps also some to the 2007-09-06 BUUG*

*of the LINUX and other magazines (and DVDs, CDs, etc.) I picked up at
LinuxWorld, I'll bring some to BUUG, and some to BALUG (http://www.balug.org/).
BALUG will also be seeing some more books in its future:
(BALUG isn't on any program where it regularly receives book shipments from
publishers, so most of the books from the URL above will go to BALUG.
BUUG is part of Pearson Education User Group program, an thus BUUG
typically gets a shipment roughly about monthly of typically 2 or 3
books - 5(!) books in the most recent shipment to have arrived).

Quoting Michael Paoli:

> I should be at this Thursday's (2007-08-16) BUUG meeting,
> and should be bringing this book to give away:
> _Solaris Performance and Tools_ ISBN: 0-13-156819-1
> It's from one of the publishers that was present at LinuxWorld - at
> the end of the Expo they were giving some books away to be given out
> by user groups.  I'm sure they'd likely also appreciate a review
> written up on the book (and placed on amazon.com or the like).

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