[buug] XML11 (and doing cool stuff like X11 within JavaScript over https), etc.

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Fri Nov 9 20:16:40 PST 2007

XML11 (and doing cool stuff like X11 within JavaScript over https), etc.

[still catching up on the BUUG part of my todo list ...]
"The goal of XML11 is to help programmers write AJAX-applications
without requiring any JavaScript knowledge."
I think it was also the 2007-09-06 BUUG meeting, or thereabouts, but had
bit of a discussion about XML11.  I believe I mentioned a slight bit
about it and it having been covered at a past BALUG meeting.  In any
case, some of the quite cool things I seem to recall of XML11 (and
perhaps also some closely related project(s)):
* one can do quite cool things, such as:
  * effectively run X11 within JavaScript in browser over http[s]
  * run within JavaScript in browser (and rather to quite independently
    of server) applications that were essentially written for Java
* Java tends to vary in functionality and availability of installed
  browser base, and can be rather problematic, buggy, or not
  installed/enabled in many browsers
* most browsers generally have JavaScript available, enabled, and
  working pretty solidly
* lots of stuff gets written in Java - much less painful than trying to
  write the equivalent in JavaScript
* It's feasible to programmatically effectively convert (most) Java to

This was covered and well presented by Arno Puder at the 2006-01-17
BALUG meeting:

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