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Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Nov 12 12:35:08 PST 2007

Note that there's three books they ask if we're interested in, ... let me
know if any and/or all of them are of interest to you, and I'll pass that

I'm probably at least potentially interested in the:
-- Advanced AJAX: Architecture and Best Practices by Shawn Lauriat;

I'll probably update them with whatever folks have expressed interest
in through the end of this week's BUUG meeting.

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Hello LUG Leaders,


Hope you're enjoying the new Pearson Education User Group Program, which
includes a monthly book giveaway contest (see below), an improved UG
member discount program (see below), and new quarterly newsletters. You
can read about all these benefits here:


As I continue to be your point of contact for all things Linux and open
source, please know that I will soon place a shipment for the benefit of
your LUG to receive a review copy of our new release: openSUSE Linux
Unleashed by Michael McCallister. www.informit.com/title/067232945x


We have additional new titles which I'd be happy to include in your
shipment, but you must first write to me to confirm your group's
interest in any or all of the below:

-- Rapid GUI Programming with Python and Qt: The Definitive Guide to
PyQt Programming by Mark Summerfield; www.informit.com/tilte/0132354187

-- Advanced AJAX: Architecture and Best Practices by Shawn Lauriat;

-- Implementation Patterns by Kent Beck;


As always, please ask your members to return support to Pearson by
providing formal reviews and/or informal feedback-good, bad or
indifferent! We welcome any feedback. Please send them to:
usergroups at informit.com <mailto:usergroups at informit.com> 

Members may also wish to post to Amazon.com, BN.com, Slashdot.org, or
any relevant technical site that accepts user content.  


Last but not least, Pearson is producing a conference dedicated to the
Google Web Toolkit in San Francisco, Dec 3-6, involving lead GWT
developers from around the world, including its co-creators Bruce
Johnson + Joel Webber. www.voicesthatmatter.com/gwt2007
<http://www.voicesthatmatter.com/gwt2007>   Please let me know if GWT
has been a topic of interest for your group and I will send along some
User Group coupon information- valid for a $100 discount.


COPY AND PASTE into your member communications:

User Group members will receive up to 35% off every purchase on
informIT.com and our partner imprint sites (ciscopress.com
<http://www.ciscopress.com>  and ibmpressbooks.com
<http://www.ibmpressbooks.com> )! Just follow these easy steps for added

-- Go to www.informit.com/join
to create an account 
-- Enter the following member code: USERGROUP

-- You are only required to register and apply the member code once, but
you must be logged in to automatically receive the special pricing. 



this month's prize books are: YouTube 4 You (ISBN: 0789736985)  and
Googlepedia (ISBN: 078973639x); individual members enter to win here:



Many thanks, Heather Fox


Heather L. Fox, Senior Publicist & User Group Liaison

Addison-Wesley Professional < IBM Press < Prentice Hall Professional <
Que Publishing < Sams Publishing 

Publishing imprints of Pearson Education

heather.fox at pearsoned.com <mailto:heather.fox at pearsoned.com> 

Office Ph: 212-641-6539

*Mobile*: 201-362-7763

Geo: c/o Pearson Education, 1330 6th Ave., 35th Floor

NY, NY 10019


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If you were not an intended recipient, 
please notify the sender and delete all copies. 
We may monitor email to and from our network. 


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