[buug] when is the next meeting? (microberts)

Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Mon Apr 27 00:41:08 PDT 2009

mike> an example question i would have asked there would have been What
mike> laptop would be the most compatible with the most distros of linux
mike> including freebsd opensuse fedora Debian and others.  but seeing
mike> the response from the first e-mail i sent out. maybe i will ask
mike> this one here. so you will get the IDEA of what I am looking to
mike> ask once i actually show up.

mike> :P i look forward to seeing the answers to this question

I have a IBM Thinkpad, and I like it.  There is even a dedicated mailing
list for them:


One particular feature that distinguishes it from most other laptops is
that the pointing device has 3 buttons.  We pre-integrated-desktop
neanderthals like that, because some of the older programs use the
middle button in an essential way.  See also


and I hope you won't be turned off by the entrance warning ;-)

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