[buug] when is the next meeting? (microberts)

PR oly562 at charter.net
Mon Apr 27 09:57:14 PDT 2009

If your bored, don't read this, reading my emails are known to cause 

server = freebsd, solaris.
laptop = debian/ubuntu 6.04 LTS

As for the reasons why? To me, they are all the same, all under root, 
and etc, other than the package managers.
Every distro has their own "PM". OF course the kernels are diff between 
linux and unix - given. I am speaking from a high level of usage, the 
lower levels I am now working on and learning.

I noticed that ubuntu has lots of support on the IRC channels, and of 
course their web/docs.
FreeBsd - enough said. Love the ports, gagillions of support docs, and 
if your daring, Sun Solaris is awesome, if you can empty your cup.

I wonder what everyone else at BUG uses/prefers?

These are my prefs and of course, my two bits

Njoy, Oly

mike wrote:
> On Sun, 2009-04-26 at 16:23 -0700, Pewter Bot wrote:
>> On Sun, Apr 26, 2009 at 4:04 PM, PR <oly562 at charter.net> wrote:
>>> sounds like he is interested. my two bits ;)
>> Indeed he does. Every now and then, some slick salesman type will show
>> up, ready to chew our ears off about how fine their Linux or related
>> product is, then hand out a bunch of sleek brochures, or if we're
>> especially lucky, manuals. Tends to be a waste of good people's time,
>> as well as a kiljoy.
>> It's been awhile, so I guess we're about due for another obnoxious
>> visitation. Many many years since I dropped out of the Catholic
>> Church, but in light of this latest imposition, I'm seriously
>> considering inviting an exorcist to the next meeting.
> Looking at the reply i Got, i can assure you I am not a sales man. I
> simply found the site about 5 years back when i first thought about
> moving my pc's over to Linux. But back then I did not feel ready to make
> the move. after upgrading to windows Vista. I knew i had no choice.
> seeing that the site did not change. I was not sure if there were still
> actual meetings there. so i shot off an email confirming people will
> actually be there if i showed up. seeing that there will be people there
> to answer questions from a newbie Linux user. I plan on coming with lots
> of questions and problems. about my Linux os i installed. and what os
> would you all recommend for people who are new to this operating
> system.  
> an example question i would have asked there would have been What laptop
> would be the most compatible with the most distros of linux including
> freebsd opensuse fedora Debian and others.  but seeing the response from
> the first e-mail i sent out. maybe i will ask this one here. so you will
> get the IDEA of what I am looking to ask once i actually show up. 
> :P i look forward to seeing the answers to this question 
> Mike Roberts
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