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PR oly562 at charter.net
Mon Apr 27 11:18:45 PDT 2009

Since working for JPL, thats NASA, and the way I witnessed the usage of 
Solaris 8-10x, I was pretty impressed. Maybe it was the fact that the 
crew had to use the system, as they are mainly used for 
guidence/control/comm/storage/flight op's/backward compat 
hardware/support for 10 years plus, was the reason I enjoyed my 
experience using solaris.  The versioning, jumpstart, nfs/nis imp, the 
support, zfs, processing power of high end servers used in the labs had 
lots of pretty lights, and a nice smooth humm.   The labs tried 
linux/Redhat/Suse, but you can understand why they dropped those.  I 
myself used RH since 6.0 and I am through with it.  Remember, the team 
members at JPL were not your normal breed.  They all have been using NIX 
for years,, more than anyone I have worked with in the past 15 years.  
Most them could comment more than i ever could as they all have been 
around since inception of darpa, and my mentor owned the first mail 
server on the net.  They knew how to use the sun boxes and solaris, and 
unix/linux for that matter.

Now, in regards to my comment, if your daring,,, i just mean that. if 
your daring, give the system a try.  Using your own level of skill give 
the systems like Rand Corporation, and Toyota in Torrance DC uses.  If 
you have access to very high end servers, and various other sun devices, 
check it out, and see for yourself. 

NOw if you level is not on which I described, then the system is just 
like the others, actually harder to use than most free os. However, if 
your level is above average and you do have access, you will notice the 
differences on your own - of course setting all networking devices as 
side, I am speaking only of the OS.

Maybe I am wrong, or right, who knows, but the guy prior said, what is 
the best, I stick by my 3 choices for many reasons, for which I will not 
ever delve into.  That would take many moons, and I do not have the 
time, nor the patience required.  My level may not be your level, you 
see?  It all boils down to what your willing to use, learn, and promote 
based on YOUR experiences. 

Lastly, when dude asked, I should have just said, pick one OS, it 
doesn't matter, stick with it for a year or two - in the cmdline, and 
you be the judge.  Then afterwards, try another OS, distro, flavor, 
whatever, as you will come to realize what works for you. 

I do not really like to think that there is ONE OS, since I do not 
believe there is just one, but I do believe there is Terminal Node 
Operators who know how to work the system they are using, and thus 
profess this is the best for THEM. 

Anyfoo, there are over 200 0S's out there, the one that is best? I feel 
they are all great, all worth a good look into, and try not to hammer 
each other for our choices.

Personally, I like freebsd, lately Ubuntu, and solaris if I can gather 
$10,000 to play with sun hardware again, I would in a heart beat, as I 
do miss having the access to those systems.  I guess I better break out 
my sparc V work station lol,, its prolly got a pound of dust on it. ;)

what you think? OpenSolaris is available for download and use on 
AMD/Intel.  If your a real cmdline cowboy, you will enjoy the challenge.

Was that exact enough? If not, that's all you will get outta me ;)

Njoy, Oly

Aaron Porter wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 09:57:14AM -0700, PR wrote:
>> if your daring, Sun Solaris is awesome, if you can empty your cup.
> 	I'm curious... what exactly about Solaris do you find awesome?

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