[buug] when is the next meeting? (microberts)

Aaron Porter atporter at primate.net
Mon Apr 27 13:03:11 PDT 2009

On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 11:18:45AM -0700, PR wrote:
> Now, in regards to my comment, if your daring,,, i just mean that. if 
> your daring, give the system a try.  Using your own level of skill give 
> the systems like Rand Corporation, and Toyota in Torrance DC uses.  If 
> you have access to very high end servers, and various other sun devices, 
> check it out, and see for yourself. 
> NOw if you level is not on which I described, then the system is just 
> like the others, actually harder to use than most free os. However, if 
> your level is above average and you do have access, you will notice the 
> differences on your own - of course setting all networking devices as 
> side, I am speaking only of the OS.

	After having suffered with Sun for 14 years, it's been very
refreshing to be in a Linux only (Debian) environment. Jumpstart is a huge
pain compared to Debian Preseeding, RedHat Kickstart, Debian FAI, etc.
Five years ago we got a 20x speed improvment going from SparcIII to
Opteron -- meaning a single PC was kicking the pants off our Sun v6800.
While it was pretty sweet to get 96gb of ram into a v1280 or v1290 that's
easily done with a cheap-o supermicro board these days too and Nehalem is
promising 2TB on x86_64 hardware. Insanity.
	Looking at large-ish solaris installs (number of hosts) and the
tools provided by Sun to handle them makes me thank my lucky stars yet
agian for Debian. It'll be very interesting if Ian Murdock survives the
Oracle aquisition -- his goals for OpenSolaris show promise to make a
usable platform out of a respected kernel.

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