[buug] "Bay Area LUGs" flyer created for OSCON, etc.

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Fri Jul 10 22:55:48 PDT 2009

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I'd suggest:

Berkeley Unix User Group (BUUG)
(has much more regular and generally larger attendance than
Berkeley-TIP/BerkTIP, and has been around for many more years;
BUUG also isn't just UNIX(R), but is more generally "Unix" in
a POSIX/SUS and quite compatible way (e.g. it's presently majority
Linux folks/interests, but doesn't exclude UNIX(R), BSD, OS X, etc.))

Mention of and link to BALE (e.g.:
And lots more:
The BALE -- Bay Area Linux Events http://linuxmafia.com/bale/

To the above, might also want to add links to other relevant pages of
lists with links, etc. covering other Bay Area Linux User Groups (e.g.
I think SVLUG has such a relatively comprehensive list:
Other (Linux, Unix, Software, etc.) Local Groups  

For photo, may want to include a photo of a much more impressive
attendance.  Perhaps a recent SVLUG photo may do (probably largest
average attendance for relatively current meetings of a LUG (or similar UG)
in the Bay ARea) ... or ... not as current, but BALUG's had some big
meetings (we had about 110 when Mark Shuttleworth was there ... not sure we
have photos available on that though, ... though some folks definitely
took photos) ... there are also some older BALUG photos from when
Linus Torvalds was at BALUG - our record attendance (I forget the
count, but there are some photos about, e.g.:

references/excerpts (et. seq.):

Quoting nbs <nbs at sonic.net>:

> Hello, this is Bill Kendrick, president and one of the co-founders of LUGOD,
> the Linux Users' Group of Davis. [1]
> Recently, I was seeing if it was possible to get a booth at O'Reilly's
> Open Source Convention (OSCON) [2], which will be in the bay area this year.
> (It had previously been in Portland, in recent years.)
> Unfortunately, there's no more room in the .ORG Pavillion.  We spoke with
> the California "Ubuntu Local Community (LoCo) Team" about sharing space, but
> it was decided that it was not feasible.
> However, Ubuntu Calif. Loco (and possibly other groups [3]) has offered to
> place a flyer out on our behalf.  So, based on my knowledge as LUGOD
> public relations guy, and a quick browse at Rick Moen's "BALE"
> (Bay Area Linux Events) site [4], I've whipped together a brief list of
> greater Bay Area LUGs, together with a little map. [5]
>   http://lugod.org/projects/oscon/bay_area_lugs/
> Please let me know if you see any omissions or anything needing corrections.
> I created the document in Scribus (using OpenStreetMap.org and The GIMP to
> create the map), but I am not a graphic designer, so it lacks "pizzazz".
> Feel free to take what I've done and create something flashier.
> At this point, I need to determine (1) where, when and how to print off
> a run of flyers (and how many!) and (2) how to get them to the group(s)
> that are going to place them out at OSCON.
> I'd also love if we could get these out at OSWorld (previously  
> LinuxWorld). [6]
> And, of course, feel free to print them out and place them out at LUG
> and other UG meetings, to help spread the word about the other LUGs.
> (Sometimes people don't think to search the web for "linux user  
> group {city}")
> [1] LUGOD is a 10 year old LUG that meets in Davis, near Sacramento:
>     http://www.lugod.org/
> [2] OSCON takes place July 20-24th.  The expo is the 22nd & 23rd.
>     http://en.oreilly.com/oscon2009
> [3] If you know of other groups who would be willing to put out a
>     "multi-LUG" flyer, please let me knwo!
> [4] Bay Area Linux Events (BALE): http://linuxmafia.com/bale/
> [5] The .pdf is the printable document, generated from the source
>     document, which is a Scribus .sla.
>     The .png and .jpg are depended-upon by the .sla.
>     The .xcf.gz is the Gimp source to the .png map.)
> [6] OpenSource World (previously LinuxWorld Conf & Expo) takes place
>     August 12-13th in San Francisco.
>     http://www.linuxworldexpo.com/
> PS - I'm sending this to either the discussion mailing list, or whatever
>      contact email address I could find via your LUG's website.
>      Feel free to pass this along as you see fit!

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