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May be a most helpful resource to some on this list:


--From their home page:

Our Mission

The Programmers Guild advances the interests of technical and
professional workers in information technology (IT) fields. The
Programmers' Guild provides a forum where tech workers can speak as a
group and be heard; where we can act as a group to advocate our
interests; and where we can present our concerns as a group to those
whose decisions affect our lives. Our goal is to improve the work and
the workplaces of technical professionals across the spectrum of IT
fields and disciplines. Technology workers across the board must stand
together against the forces that put our careers at risk, such as:

    * Replacement by H-1B and L-1 visa workers
    * Outsourcing jobs to offshore contractors
    * Shifting jobs to overseas facilities
    * False claims of a labor shortage in our profession
    * Conversion of pensions to cash balance plans
    * Age discrimination
    * Job ads drafted with intent to exclude U.S. applicants
    * Lack of respect for our training, experience, knowledge, and
past achievements

Finally, the Programmers Guild assists the growing numbers in our
profession who are unemployed.

--end of excerpt

Zeke Krahlin

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