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Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Sun Feb 28 11:37:32 PST 2010

It's time to revisit this painful subject.  What to use for remotely
accessible, synchronized bookmarks?  Cross-browser support is not
important, I use firefox/iceweasel everywhere, but remote availability
and ease of use is.

I use Google bookmarks for a time, but I have now come to accept the
view that they're the new Microsoft and when "Don't be evil" becomes
less than top priority, they may use all the information available to
them in unexpected ways.  So I am trying to find alternative non-Google
ways to do things.

Mozilla Weave looks like a possibility, but 1. it doesn't seem stable
yet (especially if I use my own server) and 2. it still follows the
paradigm of storing the bookmarks locally (in the browser), _then_
synchronizing with the server.  To me this looks like an unnecessary
extra step.  The bookmarks are useless anyway without net connectivity,
so I see no reason not to store them directly on the server.

What do my esteemed BUUG friends use?

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