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>>>>> "Karen" == Karen Hogoboom <khogoboom at gmail.com> writes:

Karen> You raise a good question. I had seen, I think on Wiki, that
Karen> some find the term X Windows offensive. I did mean the computer
Karen> terminal windowing system developed at Xerox Parc. However, now
Karen> that you mention it, for some reason, I never remember whether XX
Karen> is what refers to women's chromosomes or mens. So you may be
Karen> 100% correct in asking this question.

The correct name is actualy "X Window" (without the "s").  Perhaps that
was the offensive part.

Rick> You can compare the typical appearance of various window managers
Rick> and several 'desktop environments' via screenshots and information
Rick> links at Matt Chapman's site, http://xwinman.org/ . Hope that
Rick> helps!

There is also The Comprehensive List of Window Managers for Unix:


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