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Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Tue Nov 30 12:09:26 PST 2010

Rick> You _can_ configure FreeBSD not launch X11 by default, and end its
Rick> startup process at a text-mode login screen.[1] Thereafter, users
Rick> who've logged in can either remain at a non-graphical virtual
Rick> console prompt, or can run the script 'startx' to launch X11 with
Rick> the user's choice of window manager.

Rick> It's handy to have X11 at one's disposal, and running on the local
Rick> device, even if you use X11 almost exclusively to provide xterms
Rick> and a Web browser.

Or you can do what AB of California Digital used to do: configure your X
to start with a full-screen xterm with a consoleish font :)

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