[buug] BUUG meetings :-) - 11 folks at last Thursday's BUUG meeting

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Sun Apr 10 10:51:45 PDT 2011

And for those that may be interested to try, and/or haven't tried a
BUUG meeting in quite a while, last BUUG meeting was generally quite
good and interesting, and also well attended - total of 11 people.  I
think that's near the largest BUUG meeting since at least sometime in
2003, when I first started going to BUUG.  Our "average" meetings in
the last year or so, are, I think typically around 6 to 8 attendees, +-
a bit, and I think that's up a fair bit from a year or two or so ago,
when I think 4 to 6 +- was a more typical "average".  Largest meeting I
ever recall us having was some fair number of years ago (200[3-5] or
so?) - I think we had 12 total ... as I seem to recall, were about 8 of
us, then a bunch of about 4 UC Berkeley students came as a bunch and
joined us.

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