[buug] LUGs at SCALE

jim jim at well.com
Wed Jan 15 10:11:19 PST 2014

Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) 
Friday, February 21, through Sunday, February 23 
Hilton Los Angeles Airport hotel 

There is a good chance that SCALE 12X will support a general LUG

This depends on sufficient interest among the LUG community to staff the
table/booth. I've taken on the responsibility for querying the greater
SF bay area LUGs. The organizers say there is some interest from
Southern California LUGs. 

The most important thing, assuming there will be such a booth, is that
it has printed, take-away information about LUGs as well as someone at
the table. I'm hoping we'll have a map showing locations of northern
California LUGs and a companion list of LUG web sites. 

If you are planning to attend SCALE, please let me know if 
* you are willing to help staff a LUG booth (this entails 
  being there for a couplel of hours at a time and maybe 
  smiling and waving, perhaps explaining what LUGs are 
  about or, more likely, what your LUG is about. In Linux 
  World expos there was a regular stream of people with 
  interesting comments and queries. Hopefully we'll have 
  several people who can take short shifts. 
* you can provide printed information about your LUG that 
  someone can take down for the table/booth (I can drive 
  things down there). 
* you can suggest contacting some LUG or Linux-related 
  group that is not on the list of groups to which I'm 
  sending this email (see below). 

I'm hoping to be able to reply "yay" or "nay" to the SCALE organizers by
the end of this week. 

Hopefully, wtih thanks, 
jim (member of SF-LUG and BALUG) 

List of LUGs and related groups 

BAD Bay Area Debian (SF and east bay -- I'm not subscribed to this mail
Felton Linux Group (I'm not subscribed to this mail list) 

BUUG (berkeley) 
Conspire-LinuxMafia (peninsula), 
DVLUG (Walnut Creek-Concord), 
LUGOD (Davis), 
NBLUG (Sebastapol), 
OLPC-SF (One Laptop Per Child SF), 
SVLUG (peninsula), 


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