[buug] Request for info about your group for the LUG booth at SCALE

jim jim at well.com
Fri Jan 17 12:03:50 PST 2014

    I'm hoping someone in your group can send me information 
that I can use at SCALE (Southern California Linux Expo) 
on the weekend of February 21, 22, 23. 
    I plan on making an info sheet (or map) for all 
northern California LUGs. 

* Where do you hold your meetings (address, any other 
info about access)? 

* When do you hold your meetings (probably a particular 
day of the month, e.g. third Tuesday), include day 
and also time? 

* What's the format of your meetings (regular speaker 
or meet and greet or support for users or all of 
the above or ...)? 

* Do your group have a web site? If so, please 
provide the URL. 

* Are you interested in getting speakers for your 

    If you know of any LUGs not on the list below, 
please send me contact info. 

    If you are going to SCALE, there definitely 
will be a LUG booth and it will definitely need 
people to staff it and anyone staffing the booth 
(put in a couple of hours at least one day) can 
get an exhibitor's pass. Let me know, please, so 
I can add your name and coordinate hours. 

List of LUGs and related groups 

BAD Bay Area Debian (SF and east bay -- I'm not subscribed to this mail
Felton Linux Group (I'm not subscribed to this mail list) 
EBLUG (I'm not subscribed to this mail list) 

BUUG (berkeley) 
Conspire-LinuxMafia (peninsula), 
DVLUG (Walnut Creek-Concord), 
LUGOD (Davis), 
NBLUG (Sebastapol), 
OLPC-SF (One Laptop Per Child SF), 
SVLUG (peninsula), 

(any other language-related groups that pertain to Linux?) 

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