[buug] Webpage Stuff

Zeke Krahlin ezekielk at iname.com
Wed Jan 19 01:19:21 PST 2000

Is there an e-mail address I can put on our web page, other than the one 
for this mailing list? I can use one I created, BUUGmail at yahoo.com, for 
visitors to report a broken link, or send a comment. If this sounds okay, I 
can give Jon McClintock the user name and password for this yahoo mail...or 
to anyone else who might cover this responsibility of reading and answering 
queries. For now, I am using that yahoo e-mail on our web page...but can 
easily and quickly change it, if need be.

I have also created a form for the e-mail, for better security...again, 
with a free service. The form will send a message to the yahoo address, 
then take you back to our website at weak.org. I can provide the password 
and handle for this form, to others in this group, if using this form 
service is agreeable. (One form is for sending a message to the webmaster 
or administration...other for reporting a broken link.)

I understand some people's desire to use our own servers, and have no 
problem with this. I'll remove the forms, in that case, as soon as we have 
an administration e-mail address (that does not get routed to our 
listserver). Feel free to try out the forms, too.


Jon, you can download "index.html", "about.htm" and "resources.htm" from 
the following link:


And you can preview the page at:


FYI:  During this next meeting, a lunar eclipse will occur, peaking at 
8:43pm. I suggest we all take a sky-break for this event...if, hopefully, 
the night is cloudless.

Toll-free voice/fax mailbox (USA only):
1-888-830-5746 (ext. 8275)
ICQ#: 8485235

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