[buug] Corel WordPerfect isn't...

C. Sullivan feedle at feedle.net
Mon Sep 10 12:04:44 PDT 2001

So, I recently purchased a copy of Corel WordPerfect Office for Linux, and
I've been trying to get it working.  At some point, I'll write up a decent
review of it (being as I've seen it cheap around town, it might not be a
bad investment if StarOffice or Koffice dosen't turn you on).  But,
Iwanted to get people's opinion about something that it does that I feel
is broken.

So, I've had some problems with it working properly.  I call Corel's
technical support, and I get told that it will not work if you mount your
home directories over NFS.  The reasons given were because of some
security hole that is present in WINE (WPO2000 isn't native Linux code,
it's just compiled against some WINE library).

Now, is it just me, or is this... well, sloppy?  I mean, having NFS
mounted home directories seems to me to be SOP in installations that have
multiple machines.  Even in Windows shops, it's not uncommon for users to
have home directories hosted on other machines.

Just wanted to bounce this off the group.  Perhaps the reason Corel hasn't
had success in the Linux market may be because... *gasp* their software is


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