[buug] Corel WordPerfect isn't...

Claude Rubinson cmsclaud at arches.uga.edu
Tue Sep 11 10:48:00 PDT 2001

It appears that WordPerfect 8 for Linux is no longer available for
download from either Corel or CNet.  I have to say that this is
unfortunate because WP is one of those "killer apps" that many people
require (or, at least, "think" that they require).  As a graduate student
in sociology, I know that many academics (especially within the social
sciences) still rely exclusively on WP.

The really crucial thing, of course, is the .wpd file format.  Does anyone
know if any of the Unix wordprocessors can handle WP's file format?  I
hear a lot about Word compatibility but never have heard anything about
WP.  Fortunately, WP's file format hasn't changed since WP6.

If anyone does need a copy of WP, you might still be able to find a copy
of the shrinkwrapped box for sale somewhere (runs around $30 IIRC). It's
also available as a DEB with the Corel OS which only costs about $5 from
CompUSA or Best Buy.  Finally, I have a copy of the tar.gz'd binary. It's
about 23 meg, so you'd need to provide either an FTP site for upload or a
zip disk (my cd burner died a while back and I've neve bothered to replace


On Mon, 10 Sep 2001, Bill Schoolcraft wrote:

> At Mon, 10 Sep 2001 it looks like C. Sullivan composed:
> feedle->So, I recently purchased a copy of Corel WordPerfect Office for Linux, and
> feedle->I've been trying to get it working.  At some point, I'll write up a decent
> feedle->review of it (being as I've seen it cheap around town, it might not be a
> feedle->bad investment if StarOffice or Koffice dosen't turn you on).  But,
> feedle->Iwanted to get people's opinion about something that it does that I feel
> feedle->is broken.
> Hello Family,
> I've always likes Word_Perfect-8 for Linux, it's made for Linux and
> works great. I have heard the same complaints from everyone
> concerning the newer WP.
> They _used_ to have the download version for WP-8 available off the
> web, not sure if that's the case anymore.
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