[buug] Bonding

HD billoomal at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 9 17:25:23 PST 2002

Oops! I forgot to edit the subject of the previous
email. Should have been only on 'Modules'. Here is the
part on bonding.

I got bonding to work on the same box (running RH 7.3;
kernel 2.4.20), but am a bit confused on the mode to
use. I understand that if I am connected to a hub, I
should use mode 2 (active-backup: only one interface
active at anytime). If I am connected to a layer 2
switch, could I trunk the two ports and double the
pipe using mode 1?

Currently I am using mode 2 since I am connected a
hub, but yet, when I ping an IP, I get duplicates
returned. Should that happen? Or should I get only one

Thanks a lot!!


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