[buug] Whats a good MTA?

Matt Bockman bonkers at thetechbox.com
Tue Dec 10 22:27:42 PST 2002

I much like squirrelmail from the screenshots, of course I've never used it
and I have a 102 fever (F)... so.. dunno. I gots to learn to install apache
on my FreeBSD server, and I still don't know what to use for a MTA...what's
a VERY easy one to use with Squirrelmail... easy to use mail server? I also
want it to depend on my accounts... I dunno. I kinda wanna have it where I
can have a user, then I can select if he/she gets mail, web storage, and/or
shell access. I don't know again.

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> On Tue, 10 Dec 2002, Matt Bockman wrote:
> > well, I just have like.. 3 accounts. ONe for me, one for my junk mail,
> > and one for my friend. I don't need anything of great power, really. But
> > I would like to have a sort of hotmailish thing going on, where I could
> > check my mail from my site. Anyway, latez all...
> for web mail, the MTA should be irrelevant.
> you may want to set up an https server, with something like squirrelmail.
> http://www.squirrelmail.org/
> a few webmail clients need to have imap servers they can contact. running
> imapd through localhost will work fine.
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