[buug] Berkeley BAD + BUUG recap

Robin Rowe rower at MovieEditor.com
Fri Jan 4 00:15:22 PST 2002

Meeting in conjunction with the BUUG group tonight seemed to work well. Gave
us about a dozen all together. Fun talking about C++ and code porting, OSS
vs. ALSA sound, Debian printing, Gnome, and KDE. Thanks to everyone who
talked with me, and sorry if I missed you at the other end of the table.

I plan to make this an ongoing thing, to have an informal Berkeley BAD group
that meets at Au Coquelet on the first Thursday at 7pm. Note this is a
separate meeting from the traditional BAD meeting on the 9th that rotates to
various locations. It is intended to be in addition to, not instead of.

FYI, in the past I've founded and run a large users group with speakers.
Since someboday asked, I'm definitely in low maintenance schmooze mode --
not looking to repeat the effort necessary to procure monthly speakers and
draw hundreds of attendees. I don't have the time.



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