[buug] Window size under KDE.

Skip Evans evans at ncseweb.org
Wed Jul 24 17:22:33 PDT 2002

Hi Everyone,

First I want to thank all the people that responded and help this newbie get his box in order. It now has BSD installed and I went back to the KDE. I have a problem with the windows. For example, I was trying to adjust the color scheme through the configuration option, but all the windows open up so large I can't get down to the bottom where I assume there is a 'Save Changes' button or something. Also, the font seem rather large. This is an old machine (a Pentium 166), but I first need to prove the worth of the project, of which I have no doubt, before I can lobby for upgraded equipment. So I'm wondering if my video card is just kind of crappy. I know you can smoke equipment by getting these settings wrong, so I'm being careful. Any ideas?

Thanks again for all the help!

Skip Evans
Network Project Director
National Center for Science Education
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