[buug] Tracking down lockups?

Ian Zimmerman bayard at newsguy.com
Mon Dec 15 10:22:00 PST 2003

Claude> Hi all, My notebook's started experiencing "seemingly" random
Claude> lockups where, every so often, X (keyboard and mouse) will
Claude> freeze for a few seconds.  I'm looking for suggestions on how to
Claude> track down the problem.  A review of the system logs doesn't
Claude> reveal anything unusual.  Where else should I be looking?  Or is
Claude> there something specific that I should be looking for that I
Claude> might be missing?

Claude> I'm not really sure when this started happening.  A couple of
Claude> weeks ago, perhaps.  Unfortunately, in that time I've installed
Claude> a new patch to gpm, a new module for my wireless card, and, of
Claude> course, a number of package upgrades have come in from Debian.
Claude> I do seem to notice this behavior more often when
Claude> Mozilla-Firebird is running but that may just be my perception.

I bet it's gpm.  Try disabling it and reconfiguring X accordingly
(ie. switch to the real mouse device instead of /dev/gpminfo or whatever
the repeater pipe is).

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