[buug] searching man pages w/i emacs (gnu/emacs os, redhat platform)

Ian Zimmerman itz at speakeasy.org
Wed Feb 12 17:45:45 PST 2003

Jerry> I use the gnu/emacs operating system, if you know what I mean.
Jerry> At some point in the past few years, the implementation of this
Jerry> OS on the Red Hat or Linux platform changed.  I think.

Jerry> Man pages displayed in an emacs window (m-x man rm) became
Jerry> displayed with bizarro characters.  Characters that are *bold*.
Jerry> Characters that I can't search for.

Jerry> I want to search for a switch option, but I can't because the
Jerry> damned hyphen is bolded.

That sounds really strange.  The face of the character should be
totally irrelevant for the purpose of searching, and it is for me
(Debian woody, GNU Emacs 21.3).

Looks like another Red Hat botch.

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