[buug] Trying to help FreeBSD and WAcom drivers, need help!

Erick Smith desertfox at cableaz.com
Sat Jul 12 10:56:01 PDT 2003

OK, I've been asked to help provide some header files to the Wacom driver 
project for Linux.

I'm running FreeBSD, and they want some header files from the XF86 build 

Here's the specific request:

As a first step, you will need to get the XF86 source code that goes 
with FreeBSD.  I'm not familar with FreeBSD as a distribution, so if 
that means getting it directly from XFree and building, then that's the 
route to take.  In the Linux world, vendors make minor changes to the 
package so it's preferable to get the package from them directly.  If 
FreeBSD offers the source code as part of the distribution, that's the 
one you want.

The next step is to build XFree86, pretty much in its interity.  In 
actuality, you can stop the build when the directory containing 
xf86Wacom.c has finished building.  On my system that would be:

$ find . -name "xf86Wacom.c"

$ cd long_path_name
$ ls *.o

OK, now I've only built XF86 as part of the ports tree, and even though I've 
done this, it doesn't seem to retain the wacom_drv.o file.

Could anyone help me with this?  It seems simple enough, I just don't know 
what to do!



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