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cool, then.  here we go...

"Come out TOMORROW, Saturday afternoon, 2/7, at around 2:30pm, for an
impromptu gathering with John Terpstra, one of the long-time gurus of the
Samba-Team, who's in town for the day.  John will be available to answer
your leanest/meanest questions about Samba and its latest revision, Samba-3,
which shipped last Fall.  **Meeting place is Johnny Foley's, located at 243
O'Farrell Street, downtown San Francisco, a few blocks from Union Sq.**
RSVPs REQUESTED, by end of day today, to Heather Fox at
heather.fox at pearsoned.com, so we can have an idea as to how many people to
expect. You can call Heather with any questions at 201-236-7139. Upon
arrival tomorrow, just ask for the "Terpstra" party. Thanks!!" 

Heather Fox, Publicist
Addison-Wesley & Prentice Hall PTR
Mailing address: 
Pearson Education, 1 Lake St., #3K17, Upper Saddle River, NJ  07458
(phone) 201.236.7139; heather.fox at pearsoned.com

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On Fri, Feb 06, 2004 at 12:58:02PM -0500, Fox, Heather wrote:
> Hi Jon-- before I do, are your members pretty good about RSVP'ing?  It's
> going to be at a restaurant/pub, so I'm striving to have an approx.
> headcount in advance.  They could simply respond as to their interest, at
> this address, if you think that'll work. Thanks

Yeah. Just make sure your announcement says "RSVP required", and put
your email address in the actual text.


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