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Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Sun Feb 28 12:14:31 PST 2010

Ian> It's time to revisit this painful subject.  What to use for
Ian> remotely accessible, synchronized bookmarks?

Rick> I have a Web server, where I keep a bunch of my bookmarks as HTML.
Rick> I use vi for merging collections of bookmarks.  That's probably
Rick> not the answer you had in mind, but it's the literally correct and
Rick> complete answer to the question you asked.

It's one of the possible answers on my mind, yes :-)

Rick> For those who want a more elaborate solution, I note the existence
Rick> of Annotea Ubimarks, Unalog, De.lirio.us, and Scuttle.

Before asking here, I tried:


I can't get at the darn _source_ for the thing.  All I get is the front
page of their hosted solution.

I will try the others in your essay, thanks.

Rick> (No need to outsource your data to a bunch of strangers whose
Rick> business model relies on data mining to your detriment.)


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